Trends Mobile Pte Ltd

Started as a mobile phone seller on Ebay with $3000 from my credit card, it became a distributor for Eten PDA phone, MIO, RAON Digital UMPC. And today Trends Mobile is a manufacturer for mobile accessories with 2 outlets in Singapore retailing in mobile and laptop accessories.

In 2009, seeing how China was only making low quality cables which local retailers were selling at exorbitant margins, I decided to start our own brand of mobile cables and accessories. The result was Singapore's first local accessory brand was created and that was even before Remax brand of cables was even a thing. I invested in high grade wires not used by any manufacturer in China to produce higher quality cables to sell at lower prices than the market.

This resulted in the small 300 square foot store becoming the busiest store in Funan requiring 2 cashiers and allowing us to create even our own retail bags and branding.

Trends Mobile has produced many world's first products like unique cables.


Due to larger local companies creating brands like Valore and China manufacturers catching up in the game with Remax, Rock, Baseus, uGreen and many more, Trends Mobile is no longer able to compete given that this is a 1-man vehicle up against listed companies and companies with infinitely more resources. 

Trends Mobile is looking for buyer willing to continue the brand whether as retailer or product manufacturing.